An Experienced Lawsuit Attorney Can Help You Understand the Phases of a Lawsuit

When deciding to file a lawsuit, an experienced lawsuit attorney can help you understand the different phases involved. The first step in bringing a lawsuit is the petition, which is the basic structure of the entire lawsuit. It must include important information related to the case, including the name and basic contact information of the petitioner, as well as the defendants. You must identify these defendants in the petition. Once this step is complete, you may then proceed to the next stage, which is the discovery and appeals process.

Class action lawsuits require only one person

Class action lawsuits are a type of civil suit in which a group of people sues an employer for a common injury or wrongdoing. A class can consist of thousands of individuals or as few as one. Typically, a class of twenty or more members is needed to bring a lawsuit. In cases where fewer than twenty members are involved, a lawsuit should be brought as a regular civil action. Other factors to consider when determining whether a lawsuit can be filed as a class are the size and complexity of the individual claims and whether the plaintiffs can file separate lawsuits to bring their cases.


During the discovery stage of a lawsuit, both parties are entitled to see and obtain documents. Written documents called interrogatories and requests for admissions are used by attorneys to obtain relevant information. These documents may include documents, maps, and statements that either party is free to admit or deny. If not preserved properly, they could be used against a party during the trial. However, it is crucial to follow the instructions of an attorney, because a wrong answer can hurt your case.


Before you file an appeal, you should first determine whether the decision of the court should stand or be overturned. You may be entitled to a fee waiver or cost bond if you cannot afford the appeal fee. Parties may also call witnesses to testify at the trial, but these witnesses are not used in appeals. Appeal documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Screen readers can also use Adobe Access to read these documents. You should also have all necessary documents prepared before the appeal hearing.

Jury pool

The selection process for a jury is different in every county. The judge gives a short introduction to the jurors before calling them into the courtroom to serve as a jury. Each prospective juror is given some basic information about themselves, including their age, marital status, and employment. They are also asked a few general questions about their backgrounds and if they have been involved in any lawsuits in the past.

Nolo contendere

A Nolo contendere lawsuit can be a good option for a case that involves a drunk driver. A nolo contendere plea prevents the court from using the defendant’s criminal conviction as evidence against him in the civil case. It also prevents the personal injury attorney from presenting the plea as evidence in the case. There are several reasons why the judge may reject a nolo contendere plea.

Class action lawsuits

Generally, a class of people can be certified to be a single unit in a class-action lawsuit. Class sizes can range anywhere from a few dozen to several million people, depending on the circumstances. A class must include at least one person who is representing the entire proposed class. While a small class can be certified, a class that consists of more than 40 individuals is more likely to be certified. In addition, the class members must have suffered the same injury or loss.

Trial by jury

Trial by jury is a common type of legal proceeding. It is the process of trying a lawsuit by a panel of twelve or more people who decide whether the plaintiff is entitled to compensation. In civil cases, a jury usually consists of eight members, with an alternate panel of two people. Typically, a computer is used to select the jurors. Prospective jurors fill out applications and answer questions regarding their personal information and qualifications.

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