Chrysler Pacifica Class Action Lawsuit

As previously announced in an earlier Chrysler Pacifica Class Action Lawsuit Press Release, a new lawsuit has been filed against the auto manufacturing company by the Class Action Lawyer of San Diego. This time, the lawyers are filing the complaint against the automaker for the unleashing of the “DLC” or Disposable Auto Parts. These parts are sold by the leading car manufacturers like the Volkswagen, the Ford, and the GMC etc. at a very cheap price, and they can be easily scraped off by the car owner after a period of time.

Chrysler Pacifica Class Action Lawsuit

Under the law, all the consumers, who own the cars with these parts, are bound to receive a check for the actual value of the parts. However, what actually happens is that, the parts are melted down into a “recycled” version by the car dealers. The best part about this entire scheme is that, it helps the car manufacturers Dodge the charges of “leaking” chemicals and harmful lubricants which are present in the original parts. What is more, it helps them Dodge the charges of “unsafe” car interiors. All these are possible because these parts are “disposed” of in a “mobile” form.

According to the complaint filed by the Class Action Lawyer of San Diego, the defendant, Chrysler Pacifica, has been manufacturing cars with leaded gasoline for quite some time.

It is, however, known that such gasoline contains high levels of lead, which can prove harmful for long-term health of the car users. The company first sold low-lead gasoline in the US market, but soon it switched to the high-lead alternative, thereby committing a breach of the Clean Air Act. After a few months, the car brand released a car, the Mercury Grand Cherokee, that contained high levels of lead in its engine. As a result, the Center for Disease Control and the American Medical Association released a joint statement saying that the presence of lead in the air contributes to the increased cases of childhood lead poisoning. After this, the lawsuit was launched by the lawyer of San Diego.

While the Pacifica has denied the charges leveled against it, the case has been filed by the San Diego lawyer.

He has charged the company with “deceit, fraud, negligence, and violations of consumer protection laws”. He has filed the complaint on behalf of the Class Action Lawyer of San Diego. The damages sought on the part of the Class Action Lawyer of San Diego include mental and physical damages, special damages, and extreme financial losses.

If the allegations are true, then the company should be held responsible for all its actions, irrespective of whether they were intended or not.

The court would order a restraining order against the firm, and it could be imposed on all its dealers as well. It is also likely to be imposed on the source of the faulty parts, as well as on the manufacturers of the cars. Further, it may order mandatory MRI scans on all vehicles, and it may also fine or suspend the company from manufacturing vehicles for a stipulated period. In fact, it is not very difficult for a Class Action Lawyer to get the company behind the wheel punished for this case.

In fact, it is not very difficult to do. A Class Action Lawyer has to use certain tools to make a strong complaint. For one, he has to show that there has been a problem with the Pacifica parts. Then, he has to prove that the problem was caused due to the illegal manufacturing of these parts. This is why, it is extremely important for the Lawyer to gather tangible proof before proceeding with the case. The complaint must be filed in the name of the entire Pacifica range, and it has to be accompanied by copies of the repair orders that the car company has received.

If the Class Action Lawyer succeeds in getting this case registered, he might collect damages for the wrongs done to him and for the damage caused to the general public.

However, the damages recovered in such cases are not only limited to personal injury damages but also include medical expenses and even loss of wages. If the case turns out to be successful, then the defendant has to pay back all the money that was invested for the repair of the vehicle. The defendant also has to bear the cost of repairing any parts that were determined to be defective.

The legal process in such lawsuits can be quite lengthy and tedious. The length of the court hearings may extend over several months, which means that you will have to put in a lot of hard work to get your lawsuit granted. It is important to remember that such lawsuits are filed for all types of injuries that happen to anyone using the carmaker’s product. So, if you think that you are entitled to such damages, do not hesitate to hire a competent Class Action Lawyer and take your car to the workshop. Do not let a defective car harm you and cause you financial losses!

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