Dental Case Lawsuit

A GlaxoSmithKline Dental Case Lawsuit

When I read articles I am always intrigued by those that bring up the so-called “Dental Cream Lawsuit”. I find it interesting how many people are ready to sue companies over things that they never even realized were a problem until they couldn’t take a pill for an ailment that has manifested through poor dental care. The person goes into a blister and is told that there is no cure for their blister because their condition is incurable. Well, this article will show you how to win your personal dental cream lawsuit.

Dental Case Lawsuit

The dental cream lawsuit purpose is to hold companies accountable for the actions of their products. The company issued statements which while they don’t believe that zinc in their topical products is the main cause of oral conditions of the type of patients, they will nevertheless remove it from their current product labels and place aright, in the prescription strength as well. I suppose it depends on whether or not the product is sold over the counter or through a prescription. In either case, one has to question whether the companies really care about their customer’s overall health and welfare more than they care about the profit margins.

Let us take a look at the dental care industry in general, which is worth billions upon billions of dollars in revenue each year, with some of its most profitable businesses including dentures, fillings, and dental implants.

It seems like common sense that zinc should not be included in any denture cream since we all know that people with certain immune system problems should not consume zinc. It is also important to note that people with kidney disease, AIDS, cancer, and other ailments should avoid zinc as well. It would be very surprising if the makers of dental creams decided to include zinc in any of their products. However, that is exactly what is happening, and why anyone who believes in the law has gotten involved in the Zinc Dental Cream Lawsuit as well.

If a major manufacturer such as Whitestrips or Maxoderm did not include zinc in any of their dental cream formulas, it would certainly make sense for them to issue statements such as, “This new, safe, and effective formula eliminates painful and expensive dental filling issues.”

It would certainly not make sense for them not to include the phrase “caution: avoid contact with the eyes” on their labels. Why are they allowing themselves such obvious freedoms of speech when it comes to the ingredients in their dental cream products? It certainly seems as if these companies think they are above the law, and this has got many of us watching out.

This is not the first time that an important company such as Maxoderm has had to issue statements defending themselves due to a lawsuit that was filed against them. Just recently, it was found that the leading company in the market for dental zinc also had to issue statements defending themselves from such a lawsuit. The company’s stock fell by more than twenty percent! This is not a result of any legal action, or even investigation. This is due to the media pressures that were placed on them.

The media is often known as the “pulpit of politics”. Any story that does not help the political/economic agenda of some politician can be quickly shunted aside in favor of the next story.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the issue of human health and dental health, we have lost sight of what is best for our bodies. What is best for one group can be harmful to another. When a lawsuit like the one filed against Maxoderm, and other leading companies, is allowed to drag on, it is only serving to hurt the overall economy of our country.

The issue of a Glaxo SmithKline Dental Case, or a lawsuit being filed against them, should never have been brought into existence in the first place.

Our society has grown accustomed to taking drugs and other artificial products for everything from headaches, to high blood pressure. There is a reason that we now call this type of product a “supplement” or “adderal product”. No one should be forced to ingest any type of product without their knowledge or explicit permission. It is unethical for the company and more importantly, dangerous for those who may be allergic to zinc.

In order for the Glaxo SmithKline Dental Case lawsuit to be won, and for the true facts surrounding the matter to be uncovered, the victims of zinc poisoning need to be able to show evidence of symptoms throughout the duration of their poisoning. This includes everything from runny nose, to diarrhea, and vomiting. Furthermore, the victims must also be able to prove that the symptoms occurred as a direct result of taking the defendant’s product. Without these documents, and proof of symptoms throughout the duration of the disease, the lawyers of the case will almost certainly lose, and the GlaxoSmithKline corporation will get off Scott free.

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