Facebook Class Action Lawsuit – Illinois Users Could Start Receiving Checks For $200 to $400

Soon, Illinois Facebook users could start receiving checks for $200 to $400. Facebook users in Illinois have sued the social media company for over $650 million for violating their privacy rights. The lawsuit concerns Facebook’s use of facial recognition and biometric data in the “Tag Suggestions” feature and “Facebook Photo Stream.”


The proposed Facebook settlement involves a non-revisionary settlement fund of ninety million dollars to compensate class members for psychological harm that they experienced as a result of routinely viewing objectionable conduct. Facebook says that it will use the funds to compensate class members who would otherwise not be able to collect any money. The proposed settlement is not an instant success. The court must still approve before the settlement can be implemented. However, the proposed settlement includes many key features.

The website also informs the people about their rights to the settlement. For example, they must read the details of their rights and can object to the disclosure of information to attorneys or be excluded from the settlement. Failure to act may result in their losing their legal rights. Nonetheless, they can write to the court and request to be included in the settlement. They must do this within a specified timeframe. If the Settlement is approved, the payment will be made after the appeals are resolved.

Class members

The amount of damages a class member may receive is unknown at this time. Plaintiffs have estimated that as many as $100-200 million can be collected. To receive the money, the plaintiffs must win at the trial, on class certification, and post-trial appeals. These are all difficult, expensive, and time-consuming processes. It’s also possible that the jury may award less than what the Plaintiffs request or award no damages at all.

In the Facebook class action lawsuit 2016, plaintiffs are claiming that the social media site failed to provide a safe workplace. They claim that the company ignored their claims, putting them at risk for traumatic injuries. In addition to this, the lawsuit claims that employees working as content moderators at Facebook were exposed to an increased risk of bodily injury. Facebook denies these allegations and claims it is not legally responsible for the damages the class members have suffered. Despite the lawsuit, however, Facebook and the plaintiffs have agreed to a proposed settlement.


The damages of a Facebook class action lawsuit are not determined by the dollar amount awarded to each plaintiff. Instead, the amount will depend on the amount of damage each plaintiff suffered as a result of using the social network. While the plaintiffs estimate the maximum class recovery at $100-200 million, the amount would vary depending on the circumstances. To win a Facebook class-action lawsuit, the plaintiffs must successfully win on the merits of the case. This requires winning the class certification, summary judgment, trial, and post-trial appeals. Post-trial appeals can be extremely expensive and often take several years. In addition, a jury may award far less, or nothing at all.

If a Class Member is a qualified plaintiff, a $1,000 payment may be awarded for qualifying medical diagnoses. However, the class member must agree to give up claims for injunctive relief, medical monitoring costs, and other damages if they are not awarded the entire amount. Nonetheless, the class members will be compensated by the settlement. Ultimately, the settlement will benefit all Class Members and ensure that the company meets its obligations to its customers.

Legal fees

If you are planning to file a Facebook class action lawsuit, you need to know about the costs involved. The total cost of a lawsuit can be high, depending on the number of parties involved. If the case is settled, you will likely receive around $550 million. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so now. However, keep in mind that this settlement is only available to those users who filed the lawsuit before the deadline. If you didn’t sign up, you may only receive a few hundred dollars or even nothing at all.

If you’re not part of the Class, there’s no need to worry. Facebook will not pay the money in this case. They will lose the right to sue for the same legal issues in the future. But you can still get a settlement by filing a Facebook class action lawsuit. Just make sure to file your lawsuit before the deadline to avoid getting ripped off by the company. If you’re a member of the Class, you should be aware of the costs.

Class members’ rights to bring individual claims in streamlined arbitration

Regardless of how a Facebook class action settlement is framed, the settlement will likely benefit all Facebook users. Individuals who have suffered from the effects of Facebook’s practices should be notified of the settlement. If they haven’t received a notice, they should request one. The notice will contain their name, mailing address, email address, and the dates they were employed.

A settlement in the Facebook class action lawsuit 2016 is likely to result in a payment of up to $1,000 for each qualifying diagnosis. The money will be used for medical diagnostic screenings and will also provide the Class with a payment. Class members can also pursue additional payments based on their qualifying diagnoses. Ultimately, the Facebook Settlement will result in significant workplace reforms. Vendors of Facebook will be required to provide counseling and standardized resiliency measures to protect their employees.

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