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What is a Fidelity Investments Fed Ex Ground Case?

It’s hard to keep up with all the FedEx Ground lawsuit news out there, but we will try. FedEx makes their millions by providing a variety of different products and the company itself is constantly being scrutinized by cities, states and the government for safety violations and negligence. These cases are usually won by the plaintiffs, unless there is clear evidence that they have been injured due to company negligence.

The latest case to come to the attention of the public involves Jose P. Eriberto, who suffered an injury from a FedEx container. Jose had been loading boxes at a warehouse in Los Angeles when the accident occurred. Jose, who is disabled, has already spent more than a thousand dollars on medical bills and lost wages. The trial date has been set for July 6th.

FedEx has previously settled cases dealing with injuries due to falling freight or equipment. However, this is the first time the company has faced such a case. Last year they settled with Jon Bitzer, who was crushed to death while loading one of their delivery trucks in New Jersey. The company also faces an investigation into the incident in Canada, in which an inquiry report was ordered into the handling of a shipment of lumber by one of their Canadian truck drivers. The trucking company in question has denied any wrongdoing in that case.

The Federal Trade Commission is leading an investigation into the handling of the shipments in question. The Department of Labor is also involved, as are the attorneys general in both New York and California. FedEx has said that all of their drivers are thoroughly checked before they are given a certificate of clearance to drive trucks. That policy may be enough to assuage some truck drivers who worry about winning a case against the company. Nevertheless, any insurance company will not insure companies that are seen as careless in their handling of goods. Therefore, those looking to file a claim with Fidelity Investments or another trusted carrier should prepare their case with that in mind.

In many cases, a trucker can win a case against Fidelity Investments by proving that they were notifying the company about all potential dangers along the route that the truck would be traveling. Evidence of notification must include a written record of the shipment date and the exact route the truck was supposed to take. The company’s records also show that it received such notification, but failed to take any action on the information. For example, if the trucker says that he notified Fidelity that a load of lumber from Canada was missing, but that company did not issue a loss report or make contact to trace the load, the trucker may have a case. Even if the company did not notify them of the shipment’s dangerous nature, if it failed to provide proof that the load was insured or on the proper side of the shipping law, the trucker may be entitled to compensation.

To prevail in court, a trucker must produce enough evidence to demonstrate negligence. Some of the forms of evidence that can be used in a case against Fidelity Investments include lost earnings, medical bills, property damage costs, and pain and suffering. All of these types of evidence can help the trucking company to prove liability, which will ultimately help you get the compensation you deserve. If you are in a situation where you think you may owe money to Fidelity Investments, contact an experienced Fort Worth lawyer today to discuss your case. They will consult with you and work with you to obtain the most favorable settlement possible.

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