Hain Celestial Lawsuit

The Hain Celestial Litigation Book Review

The Human race is on the verge of destruction with the rise of Hain Celestial lawsuit. This suit is the main plot of the novel The Heaven’s Gate by Stephen King. Hain is a young man from Utah, who is accused of killing his parents and tries to get the case dismissed. His attorney is none other than King himself. I read this book because I was very interested in the story and how it progressed.

Hain Celestial Lawsuit

King starts the novel with some convincing foreshadowing of the current situation in Iraq. The US military is trying to retrace the steps of the downed airliner that crashed near Iraq a few years ago. Their only lead at the moment is Adolphus Hanford, a former terrorist turned double agent. He tells them how he assisted the terrorists in their plans, his role as a courier, and finally the plane crash itself.

Soon after this, King gets the story of Adolphus’ parents, Snatcher and Mandy Ashford.

They are still alive and are being held prisoner in what seems like an endless war against terrorists. While they seem to be in pretty bad shape, there are clues that point to their fates. Hain is soon following them, but he must first save the lives of his parents first.

The plot thickens when, shortly after rescuing their parents, Hain stumbles upon a secret room that contains very important information.

He retrieves this information, but then must fight his way out of a tight spot and confront his past. While this could easily have been a setup for a movie, this isn’t it. The action and adventure are gripping throughout.

As you would expect, there is plenty of twists and turns to this storyline.

At one point, I wanted to pull my hair out, thinking that King was going to pull another shocker and tell me a shocking ending. Instead, he keeps readers guessing until the very end. There is no way to predict a murder mystery like this, but if you enjoy that sort of thing, you will enjoy The Hain Celestial Litigation.

Like I mentioned, this book is fast paced and enjoyable.

If you enjoy action, you will like this book. If you enjoy books about lawsuits, this one should be right up your alley. For all of its merits, this story is a great addition to the lit-off list. Pick up a copy and see for yourself.

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