Harland Clarke Lawsuit

What Was Harland Clarke Settlement For?

The story of the Harland Clarke lawsuit is one that has been playing out in the news. Mr. Clarke was a construction worker who was injured on the job. He filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his employer and won. But the accident wasn’t an isolated incident for Mr. Clarke, he says in one of the videos posted to YouTube by his lawyer.

Harland Clarke Lawsuit

“I had a near miss with death, which I’m not going to say on camera,” he said in one of the videos. But when he returns to work three days later, he’s hit again. This time, he’s bleeding heavily from a brain injury. This is just one of the incidents that led to the lawsuit.

What is it all about?

There are two questions at this point. One is why a case like this has been picked up by national media. And the second is how this case will play out in court.

There are many answers to this question, but let’s start with why the story is being covered. It seems there is a connection between this lawsuit and another high profile case. That’s Michael Johnson, the construction worker who was killed in a work related accident last year. The news media ran with the story, including ABC News. The reason they did this, according to people in the know, is because it happened in California. They may feel this case is similar because it involves workers’ compensation, although that’s not the only similarity.

This particular case has drawn some criticism, especially because it involves an insurance company and it has to do with the defendant.

The insurance company in question is settling a massive amount of money. A contingency fee is where attorney fees are paid for winning the case. So it could be seen as a money grab by the insurance company. There have been similar situations in the past where companies have been accused of trying to shift the blame to the victim in order to get less money.

In this situation, though, it looks like the real problem is with the injured victim and not the insurance company. The settlement is not what caused this to happen. It actually started much earlier. The company apparently didn’t want to pay Mr. Clarke’s legal costs and it appears they are trying to pin the blame on him.

Why did they not want to pay him?

That remains to be seen. But the case was filed in the state of Utah, which is a place that is pretty hostile to lawyers. In other words, it’s not exactly a high-paying field. If the case was going to go to trial, it would almost guarantee a defeat because it is so hard for someone that barely graduated to win a lawsuit in a state that’s considered one of the most conservative states in the country.

But the media is going all out to make a story out of this case, probably to generate outrage. Many people are calling for the boycott of this company and there are calls for a revolution. One group has even started a “People for Ethical Business” group in an effort to boycott this company and show that people don’t want to support this kind of behavior. It doesn’t look like anyone is really taking this seriously or really wanting to help Mr. Clarke. Hopefully, if this case is lost, it will at least serve as a lesson to future graduates to watch out when representing themselves in court.

The fact is that this entire lawsuit was nothing more than an attempt by a bunch of radical lawyers to garner media attention.

There is absolutely no merit to it whatsoever. I can personally tell you that only a few of the attorneys representing this corporation actually have any legal experience of any kind. If they had any experience at all in a courtroom they surely would have already won at least one case during their time practicing. But, of course, that does not matter to the mainstream media.

This lawsuit was nothing more than a ploy to make money out of an innocent man that simply needs some financial assistance.

There is a very good chance that he may never get it. His case is being handled by one of the most corrupt law firms in Utah. And, they are clearly taking advantage of the situation.

There are many things wrong with this lawsuit, including the lawyer that represented the plaintiffs, Linda Ellis, she is a friend of the Spencer Tracey attorneys. It is clear that she was working for free and trying to generate media buzz around her case. In fact, she was probably paid under atain by Tracey as she was the only female attorney that was part of the lawsuit. The lawsuit itself was weak in every aspect from beginning to end, and for this reason the law firm should be avoided at all costs.

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