Lawsuits Against FedEx: Are They Worth the Battle?

FedEx Lawsuits – Are They Worth the Battle?

The lawsuits against FedEx have been ongoing since at least 2020, when the company was sued in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by a group of FedEx employees who had been hired by a courier service located in California to transport products for them. The employees claim that they were paid a portion of the items they carried but later found they had received the items for less than what they were supposed to.

According to the lawsuits, the company violated federal labor laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for transportation jobs abroad, and that it failed to adequately compensate employees for any compensation they received in excess of the minimum wage. The settlement, which has to be approved by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, covers 2,000 FedEx drivers from California and Oregon who worked in the San Francisco area between 2020. According to the plaintiffs, the workers suffered economic losses because of the negligence of the company and lost their right to collective bargaining.

According to the company, the case is without merit. FedEx contends that the lawsuit plaintiffs were fired in retaliation for filing the complaint, and that the original lawsuit was filed in an attempt to obtain money in excess of the original amount claimed. FedEx claims that while it can not pay the amount claimed in the lawsuit, the company is still committed to helping the workers find employment elsewhere. In addition, the airline industry is a very competitive business and there are many other viable alternatives for the drivers, according to the company.

Some of the most common claims of discrimination against FedEx include being assigned jobs and receiving compensation based on the gender or race of the person performing the delivery. Some drivers claimed that they received lower wages or fewer shifts than those who chose other jobs with FedEx, and some alleged that they were discriminated against during hiring and firing, in addition to having their schedules tampered with.

The lawsuit claims that most of the complaints made by employees have not been taken seriously by FedEx, in part because they believe that filing such a lawsuit would cost too much money, make them look bad in the eyes of management, or would be embarrassing. for the company. Although it is illegal for FedEx to discriminate based on race, gender, age, religion, or national origin, there has not yet been any evidence presented that any of the claims have been proven and proven to be true.

According to FedEx, the lawsuits against it are unfounded and unprovable, as it points out that all the drivers were given the opportunity to report their problems to a union representative, as required by law, before making any complaints. The company also contends that if any complaints were indeed filed, they would have resolved the issues and the complaints. According to the company, the complaint by driver Joe Smith caused the company to conduct an internal investigation which resulted in the firing of Smith, because he did not meet the company’s expectations regarding his behavior, and he was later terminated.

The lawsuit brought against the company by a group of nine employees of FedEx is also unfounded. The employees assert that they did not hire Smith specifically because of his background, but that they chose him because they needed a driver to cover a long distance route, and they wanted someone who spoke English, and had a safe driving record, as well as a person who could deliver their goods in a timely manner.

Smith was a veteran who had been employed by UPS, a major international company, for several years before he was asked to drive a route for FedEx. The lawsuit states that he was a safe, reliable driver, who was willing to follow the rules, and maintain the vehicles while at the same time being courteous to customers, and never making customers wait for more than a few minutes to receive their packages. He was also responsible for taking care of the packages and keeping track of the delivery times, and always provided a date and time for the delivery to be completed.

10 thoughts on “Lawsuits Against FedEx: Are They Worth the Battle?

  1. I work at FedEx Ground in Kennesaw Georgia, and I can say some of the management staff is as crooked as a Virginia fence. I can mention several case’s of discrimination and harassment toward several associates including myself unfortunately. Today I was cut for going to the bathroom, unfortunately I didn’t get the manager’s name but he was running substitute for my regular manager today. He has also harassed me treating me like an unintelligent rookie despite my obvious smarts and employment duration of 2 years this coming October. Honestly I don’t know how to really encourage appropriate changes within! The HR office is only open til 5pm and virtually everything in my facility from the pda’s and scanners as well as the software and the hardware is from yestercentry! And there’s hardly any useful info displayed that tell you who to contact for such situations.

    1. I would have to say that Jason’s issue is standard for FedEx, even in California. Many times at start time, no manager has shown. Therefore, a substitute is shuffled into place. Sometimes these replacement managers don’t even hang for the whole shift. Many times they don’t even attempt to manage. Just barely enough information is given to employees to allow them the comfort of say, using the restroom. Or what if I am injured? My favorite saying regarding FedEx is, “the things I love about FedEx, are the things I hate about FedEx”.

  2. In my opinion, FedEx is the most criminal company on the planet. I have personally had a $707.49 item stolen twice by them. There is no recourse available to the consumer who has been ripped off by the company as there is no oversight that they are accountable to

  3. Fed-Ex drivers run the stop sign in front of my house regularly. I have videos to prove it. Contacted them repeatedly and they gave me the same answers. We pride ourselves on the safety of our customers and safety is always first, yet their drivers keep running the stop sign in front of my house. Can I sue them?

  4. I am a former 26-year long term FedEx employee. Discrimination is real at FedEx and they are good at hiding it. The sad thing is that FedEx’s HR department make and break their own policy and procedures – and violate federal and state laws. I was an Executive Assistant working for the VP of HR that handle FMLA leave. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which is a qualified disability under the ADA. FedEx did not accommodate my disability and tossed me in the parking lot like I was yesterday’s trash. Had a security guard at my desk to escort me out of the building like I was a criminal. During the 26 year tenure, I had only positive performance reviews and was meeting FedEx’s legitimate expectations. FedEx did not care. Long story short, FedEx’s Corp VP and the Legal department all did this behind my back. The discrimination is starting at the top of the corporate structure – in the HR department – and the Legal department is concealing it. I applied for others positions, and HR made sure that I never stepped another foot in FedEx. FedEx HR will uphold management – as opposed to training them – and destroy loyal people’s lives and sleep well at night. FedEx threw me out in the parking lot during Breast Cancer Awareness Month because of my breast cancer disability. It was also during National Disability Awareness Month. No compassion, empathy or anything. To put salt on my wound. Inhumane treatment. Breast cancer does not discriminate, but FedEx does. FedEx will violate every single rule and laws – and get away with it. Tell all kind of lies on you, with a straight face, and will not have a lick of evidence to prove anything. Just savvy lawyers. I used to be a proud FedEx employee, but I found out the hard way that “FedEx does not care.” How in the world did this slip by FedEx’s competent HR and Legal departments. FedEx is not what it used to be. HR and Legal department are both corrupt. Sad, but true.

    1. This sounds just like FedEx! They are doing the same things to me! I have faced discrimination, harassment, retaliation and being stripped of my job duties and HR does nothing. My manager should be named Pinocchio because he lies so much.

  5. 3 separate times My order has been delivered to the wrong address and I never received it. I placed the orders for a mobility scooter each time and it was always delivered to the wrong address. I need my scooter, I am a elderly lady and Disabled also. Why can’t FedEx get their heads in gear and do their job right? I wish I was the one that was placing the delivery company, it sure wouldn’t be FedEx! I want my scooter I need it.

  6. This sounds just like FedEx! They are doing the same things to me! I have faced discrimination, harassment, retaliation and being stripped of my job duties and HR does nothing. My manager should be named Pinocchio because he lies so much.

  7. Fed ex has overcharged me for returning a package to me that they did not deliver. They refuse all attempts at negotiate and just respond with “we don’t agree with you, pay the bill.” Even our state attorney got the same response. This company is seriously corrupt and they continue to get away with it.

  8. I’ve been waiting a package since 6/26/23 and still haven’t received it yet. I was told that it was being delayed every since, yet they give me a date when it is to arrive and it doesn’t happen.

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