Remeron Class Action Lawsuit

A new class action lawsuit was brought against GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Reimer HEM, or Reimeryl, a drug used to treat high blood pressure. People began to get ill, and when it became too bad they made their way into the courthouse and filed a lawsuit against the company. The company denied any wrongdoing, but was forced to pay millions in fines, pay settlements to people who were getting sick, and pay employees who lost time at work due to the illness. There are also claims that the drug was sold to children as a sweetener. All this comes at a time when there are concerns about the Food and Drug Administration approving drugs that have been proven to have dangerous side effects.

Remeron Class Action Lawsuit

As you can imagine, this class action lawsuit was not very successful. However, one thing that is very common with these lawsuits is that all the plaintiffs are usually diagnosed with insomnia, which is often confused with depression. The diagnosis of depression is much more serious than the diagnosis of insomnia, because patients who suffer from depression also experience anxiety and sleep disturbances. It may be that the FDA needs to speed up its approval process, or maybe that the company simply didn’t think of the side effects of remeron.

There are other antidepressants on the market that have similar properties to the remeron class action lawsuit referred to above.

Some of them have fewer side effects, although they are still addictive. One antidepressant with many reported side effects is Prozac. The SSRI group of antidepressants has been shown to have fewer withdrawal symptoms than most other antidepressants. In addition, Prozac is the drug most often prescribed for children with insomnia. It is also usually the drug of choice for those who suffer from agitated depression.

The lawsuit remeron class action lawsuit is primarily concerned with its weight gain effects.

As the article refers to it, the supplement is sold over the counter with a claim that it contains all natural herbs. The herbal components are said to help regulate appetite, increase body temperature, and stimulate serotonin production in the brain. Although the lawsuit does not specifically reference any of the side effects of taking remeron, it does refer to the weight gain that occurs because of its use. According to the plaintiffs, their clients lost an average of ten pounds each month while on remeron.

Individuals who do not suffer any side effects but wish to lose weight should not buy remeron. You should also avoid taking any dietary supplement, particularly if you have a medical condition or consume medications regularly. You should always talk to your doctor before taking any dietary supplement. A dietitian can give good advice and can help you find the best diet to lose weight. If you have a serious health problem, you should not use a dietitian.

Remeron is a popular dietary supplement in the weight gain world.

Its manufacturer offers a free trial along with the order of the full product. When you order the full amount, you will receive instructions on how to use the product effectively. It has been determined by the courts that the amount of 15mg of remeron per day is safe for most people, especially those who have a low metabolism. For this reason, many weight gainers have purchased quality remeron and used it in the months leading up to their surgeries.

The manufacturers of the weight gain product, as well as the FDA, tout that the side effects remeron does not include heart attacks, high blood pressure, or cancer.

This has not been proven in any court of law, nor has there been any proof presented that consuming remeron will cause these conditions. In fact, in some cases, it may cause death! Because of this, Remeron has been banned in the United States and Canada, but not in other countries. It is also highly discouraged for use by women to induce pregnancy. Women who take 15mg of remeron should never plan to become pregnant.

One study showed that women who took thirty mg of remeron were more likely to develop breast cancer, but the link between the weight gain product and sexual side effects was not proven. For women who take less than fifteen of remeron, they should be fine. However, anyone who plans to use remeron should be sure to consult a doctor, especially if they already have a sexually transmitted disease.

9 thoughts on “Remeron Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I took Mirtazapine (Remeron) for 1 1/2 months right after having my son for insomnia and gained the 25lbs I lost after giving birth and continued to gain more and more weight even when I stopped because of it slowing down my metabolism. I immediately first noticed my belly protruding like I was pregnant and then gained weight so fast the fat was deposited in weird places on my body because it didn’t have a lot of areas left to go. I have gained 80 lbs in the last 1 year. My body or metabolism has never been the same and I am still devastated and am considered obese and have suicidal thoughts because I am so disgusted with myself. I have considered gastric bypass when 1 year ago I was considered healthy. I am pre-diabetic and have other health issues I never had before. The biggest regret in my life is taking Remron. If I was aware of this lawsuit I would have been involved in it just to warn others about the health risks they don’t tell you about.

  2. I took remeron for 2 months and suffered massive blood clots and pulmonary embolism, it has left me permanently disabled I’m 40 now , it has ruined my life I am desperately looking for a class action lawsuit

  3. I took remeron for 2 1/2 years, not too long after starting I developed neuropathy. This has affected my quality of life.

  4. I was on Mirtazapine 30mg since 2018. I began to have discomfort in my chest near my heart and numbness in my arm and hand. The pain worsened and I went to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. I stopped taking the medication and have been better since.

  5. I’ve been on Remeron for ten years , before I started this medication I had zero cavities in my mouth and my teeth were in good shape . Now my teeth are disintegrating rapidly 4 teeth out now , severe pain due to cracking because apparently it causes dry mouth so severe it cannot be mitigated and I’ve tried every antidepressant, this one works plus helps me sleep . Looking for a class action lawsuit , I have trouble eating and can’t afford to have my teeth replaced .

  6. My mom was prescribed mirtazaphine in August and committed suicide in September 2022. This is a terrible drug my mom was never suicidal before she was prescribed this medication.

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