Tristate Care Flight Lawsuit

How a Tristate Care Flight Lawsuit Could Affect You

A Tristate Careflight lawsuit is filed on behalf of the family members who suffered the injuries suffered in a plane crash. The accident happened in Connecticut and has caused significant injuries to all the passengers, the plane’s two pilots as well as all the victims that were killed. The families have hired a Tristate careflight attorney to file a legal suit against the airline and related carrier. They are demanding compensation for the loss of their loved ones. The lawyer has also filed an emergency motion seeking an emergency court protection for the victims and their relatives from the wrongful death and personal injury charges.

Tristate Care Flight Lawsuit

The Tristate Careflight Association was notified of the accident by the Connecticut State Police and the Federal Aviation Administration. Both the organizations are conducting their own investigation into the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the families of the deceased have been trying to contact the airline and its pilot to inquire if there had been any medical malpractice during the flight.

The families have been attempting to contact the airline and the pilot several times but so far they have not received any response.

The representative of the airline sent a letter to the family on August 8th, informing them that there was no medical malpractice and asking for a letter of denial from the family to be signed. According to the letter, the plane was flying for only six hours and there was never any form of medical malpractice or anything unusual on the flight. This seems to be exactly what the families want. But, in fact, this is not good enough for them.

The Tristate Careflight lawsuit has been filed and is awaiting an insurance company’s response.

The lawsuit is expected to be filed within the next few weeks. If the insurance company refused to provide any form of response then the lawsuit would be considered as a law suit and would be filed in court. There are many reasons why the families of the passengers were travelling to Connecticut for vacation and in all probability the plane was not meant to fly over a populated area nor was the pilot trained for such a flight. This plane crash could be one of the greatest aviation accidents in history.

There will most likely be no out of pocket expenses for the passengers and their families.

There are a lot of losses that will need to be calculated, including the hospitalization of the passengers. The case can be ruled in their favor if there was medical malpractice during the accident. In the event the case was lost due to lack of evidence, there would most likely be no monetary award for the passengers. This would mean for the families that they will not receive any kind of monetary compensation and justice will never be served.

This accident could happen anytime. Airlines must follow very strict safety procedures.

If there is ever a slight mistake made, it is the airline’s responsibility to make sure everything is in order and follow the strict regulations and rules. If they don’t, they might just end up having to pay damages in court. Tristate Care Flight lawsuit is something that you will definitely need to pursue when you have suffered an injury or even killed because of medical malpractice.

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