Walmart Litigation Lawsuits

Walmart lawsuits stemming from workers’ compensation or personal injury claims are a huge nightmare. It’s notoriously hard to pursue such lawsuits against such a large, multi-billion-dollar corporation, and Walmart has almost limitless resources to aggressively defend such lawsuits against them. If you’ve experienced a workplace injury at a Walmart store, chances are good that you don’t really know how to proceed.

One of the problems in pursuing a lawsuit is that often times there isn’t a real case against Walmart.

Instead, a disgruntled employee has brought a case against the largest store in America and has simply chosen to bring it to the United States’ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission instead. The EEOC is designed to be the champion of the working class in America, but since its creation in 1966, it’s had a terrible reputation. Walmart has largely done a turn around on this commission, but only because it was politically convenient for them.

In Florida, there is an interesting lawsuit against Walmart in the works.

A Florida woman is suing Walmart for discriminating against her on the basis of her disability. According to the lawsuit, Walmart marketed to disabled and minority individuals, including those with physical disabilities. Yet in 2021, the company did not follow through on its promise to hire more disabled employees, even after hiring many of them. Why? Apparently, Walmart believes that they are not legally obligated to make reasonable accommodations for their disabled shoppers, and that those who file such lawsuits amount to discrimination themselves.

That’s where a Florida attorney can help.

We’ve seen this type of scenario play out many times before, particularly in areas like Florida, Missouri, or Arizona. An attorney representing a minority group facing discrimination in the workplace will need to file a complaint in federal court, because federal courts have more authority and jurisdiction than state courts. An attorney representing a group who feels discriminated against will need to file a case in the appropriate county court. But the attorney handling the Walmart lawsuits will need to hire a qualified, experienced Florida disability lawyer to ensure the entire case gets resolved appropriately and in the shortest period of time possible.

There are two types of Walmart lawsuits currently pending in Florida, both of which are likely to go to trial.

If the lawsuits go to trial, the plaintiffs will be allowed to call witnesses, present evidence, and argue their cases in what’s called an “arbitration hearing.” A jury trial, on the other hand, follows a different procedure. The jury will decide either by a vote or by presenting a written decision. This article will focus on the latter option.

In summary, Walmart lawsuits in Florida fall into one of two categories, including an arbitration hearing or a jury trial.

Some of the most common issues with these lawsuits involve issues of employee discrimination, disability discrimination, retaliation, and violation of workers compensation laws. If you believe you have suffered a case of Walmart discrimination or injury, contact an experienced Florida disability attorney immediately. Your legal rights depend on it.

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