What are the Most Prominent Types of Divorce?

Don’t feel emotionally connected with your spouse anymore? Do you hardly communicate with your married partner nowadays despite sharing the same bed? Take steps to resolve the growing problems between you two sooner than later. However, if you have already decided to file a divorce case against your other half, then give this article a good read.

You probably know well that no two married relationships are the same. Similarly, there exist various types of divorce too. Navigating the complicated process all by yourself can be extremely challenging for you, and therefore, you should hire one of the top family law attorneys. You can resolve family law issues with your spouse without even going to court.

An experienced divorce lawyer can help you settle your case outside of the courtroom. The determination of the type of divorce case you can file entirely depends on how ready you and your partner are to work without anger during the divorce procedure. Read on to become cognizant of the most prominent types of divorce.

No-Fault Divorce

You and your spouse qualify for filing a no-fault divorce when both of you do not want to blame each other for the breakdown of the marriage. The reasons you can mention for seeking a divorce are irreconcilable differences or incompatibility.

You need not give any further explanation or prove fault-based grounds. This type of divorce can help you end the marriage and get over the difficult situation faster. It is unlike fault divorce, where you need to establish that your spouse is accountable for the failure of the marriage.

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your other half mutually agree to end the marriage, then you both become eligible for filing an uncontested divorce. Both the husband and wife need to agree on property division, child custody, financial matters, and other disputes.

An uncontested divorce streamlines complicated courtroom processes and helps you and your spouse save time, money, and effort. However, sometimes, those who opt for this specific divorce type need to give up certain rights such as distribution of retirement benefits, alimony, etc.

Limited Divorce

Many regard a legal separation as a limited divorce. The court supervises the trial separation of a married couple when they file this type of divorce. If you and your married partner need to make arrangements of finances besides resolving other problems, then opt for a limited divorce.

Both of you will get enough time to figure out the necessary details before the court grants your divorce. While going through a limited divorce, you and your other half have to live separately. Also, keep in mind that you should not be intimate with your spouse even if you both are on good terms.

Parting Thoughts

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there’s also another type of divorce known as simplified divorce. You can file it if you have recently married and don’t have a child. Compared to the rest of the divorce types, the simplified divorce process is quicker and easier to navigate. However, ensure you hire a well-versed family law attorney when filing a divorce.

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