When Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer for No Injury

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Getting into an accident is a huge inconvenience. When an injury is involved, things can get really hectic. It’s easy to breathe a sigh of relief when there are no injuries.

Don’t shrug off what happened too fast. You could still end up in court. Hiring an auto accident lawyer for no injury cases is common.

Are you wondering why traffic crashes can end up in court when no one is injured? Keep reading to learn why you’ll still need to hire an attorney after an auto accident.

Auto Accident Lawyer for No Injury Cases

It’s no secret that you should contact an attorney if you are hurt in a car accident as soon as possible. But what happens when there aren’t any injuries. Should you still consult with a lawyer?

The truth is, you might feel an injury well after an accident occurs. Many people awaken days later with aches and pains. This is why it’s essential to seek medical attention following a car accident, regardless of how you feel.

Calling an auto accident lawyer is a wise move, even if it’s only to ask questions.

Disputes With Insurance Company

You’ve paid your premiums on time every month, but the moment you have an accident, the insurance company gives you a runaround.

A lot of accident attorneys will not take a case that does not involve injuries. This doesn’t mean you won’t require legal representation for other matters. Disputes with the insurance company are a prime example.

Hire an attorney that can review your case and get the services your policy promises.

Hit and Run Cases

Hit and run cases are complex auto accidents to litigate, primarily if the other driver is not found. Hiring an attorney can help get you the resources needed to investigate the accident. Plus, they can assist with getting payouts from your insurance provider to cover all expenses.

On the flip side, if you are the driver that left the scene, you will most likely face criminal charges. Consulting with an accident attorney is essential.

Vehicle Replacement

Was your vehicle totaled during a traffic accident? You may be surprised to learn your payout isn’t what you thought you’d receive. Hiring an auto accident lawyer for no injury cases will allow you to challenge the insurance company’s decision.

Recovering Costs

When you’re involved in a traffic accident, you can incur expenses not covered by insurance. Hiring an attorney can help you recoup fees from the party that was at fault.

These expenses include car rentals, deductibles, lost wages, and legal fees.

Do You Need an Attorney?

An auto accident lawyer for no injury cases is needed to represent individuals with disputes associated with the auto accident. Bypass attorneys that only handle personal injury cases. Instead, find some who also deals with traffic law.

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2 thoughts on “When Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer for No Injury

  1. I need a lawyer that will help me no injuries the insurance of the other person is givig me hell

  2. A hit-and-run case is a lot more common than most people think. Being prepared for when it might happen to you is really important, especially if you want to pursue legal action and get the person responsible to compensate you. It’s probably why auto accident attornies are looked for in advance so they can be called on when needed.

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