GEICO Employee Class Action Lawsuit

A Lawsuit From GEICO Employee Class Action Lawsuit

A GEICO employee’s class action lawsuit has been pending in a federal court in Texas for more than two years now. On July 9th, the US district judge in San Antonio ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. The ruling is expected to be appealed and a final ruling is not too far off. The plaintiff’s attorney has already indicated that the appeal will go up to the supreme court.

GEICO Employee Class Action Lawsuit

This suit involves a negligent hiring and retention policy adopted by the insurer. At the time of signing the policy, the defendant did not know or did not have any reason to know that the applicant had a prior serious car accident and was subsequently terminated from his job. Subsequently, the applicant filed a suit against GEICO and this suit names the entire company, its directors, its insurance carrier and several other entities. The insurance carrier is also named in the suit.

The suit is noteworthy because it deals with a very large auto insurance company and is one of the largest in the industry.

As such, this lawsuit is likely to cause the insurer to change their ways and make some changes to their operations. The auto insurance litigation was initially initiated by a Texas State District Judge. The plaintiffs initially filed their complaint in January of 2021. A trial date was set for later in the year but no verdict has yet been rendered.

The plaintiff’s attorney, David Botsford, has been handling this suit on behalf of his client, Robert Campos.

Mr. Botsford says that they are currently only able to manage about a hundred claims at a time. The number of people filing claims has been on the rise, which is why it takes so long to analyze and process these cases. To get a fair shake, the company hired outside consultants last summer to review their policies and procedures regarding GEICO claims. These consultants were able to conclude that there were many areas of concern.

An employee class-action suit like this one is a perfect opportunity for a group of employees that are dissatisfied with the way GEICO has treated them over the years.

Many of these employees were never properly compensated or even paid for the work they did. If you are an American citizen who is a current or former employee of GEICO and are experiencing such issues, now is definitely the time to contact an attorney that can help you claim your damages.

You should be aware though that just because you have GEICO claims in your case does not mean you will be awarded all of your money.

The company has to prove that it is its policy and that indeed their guidelines were followed when they settled the claims. If they are unable to do this, then you may not be entitled to anything. Therefore, it is extremely important that you consult with a qualified lawyer before proceeding with any legal action.

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