How to Apply for a Partner Visa in Australia

Partner Visa in Australia

Application for a partner/ spouse visa is intricate and demands a substantial investment of time and effort. Before applying for the visa, you must compile the necessary documentation and fulfill specific eligibility requirements. This visa category allows your spouse (husband or wife) or your de facto partner (fiancé or someone in a committed relationship) to immigrate to Australia.

What can you do with the visa?

  • Reside, labor, and learn in Australia.
  • Enjoy unlimited travel to and from Australia at your convenience.
  • Eligible individuals can partake in complimentary English language courses offered through the Adult Migrant English Program.
  • Apply for access to Australia’s public healthcare system, Medicare, for your healthcare needs.

What’s required of you

  • Maintain a sincere relationship with your spouse or de facto partner, who must be a citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Secure sponsorship from your spouse or de facto partner.
  • Be physically present in Australia when submitting your visa application, and remain in Australia throughout the processing of your temporary visa application. Additionally, any family members applying alongside you must also be present in Australia.

Lodging visa application in Australia

To ensure a smooth entry into Australia, it’s crucial to acquire the right visa that aligns with your intended purpose and desired duration of stay. If your goal is to establish permanent residency in Australia, it’s essential to secure the appropriate migration visa prior to your departure.

Keep in mind that if your temporary visa carries a “no further stay” condition, you might encounter limitations when applying for another visa while inside Australia.

How long it takes to process a Partner application

Processing times can vary significantly due to various individual circumstances, and more complex cases may require additional time. As a precaution, it is advisable not to make any major decisions, such as quitting your job, selling property, or booking flight tickets, until your visa application has been fully processed and finalized.

Evidence of identity and marital status

Submit officially certified copies of your national identity documents. If these documents are not in English, please ensure they are translated into English.

If applicable in your country, you may also provide multilingual, translated, or international civil status records, such as birth, marriage, or death certificates. Some European countries offer an extract from the population register in lieu of a birth certificate. This will be acceptable if it contains information about your parents and is translated into English.

Include certified copies of the biodata page of your passport or travel document, making sure that they are high-quality color copies.

Partner Visa- A two-stage Partner processing

The partner visa Australia application process comprises two stages. Firstly, you submit applications for both the provisional (subclass 309) and permanent (subclass 100) visas concurrently. Assuming you meet the initial eligibility criteria, you will receive approval for the provisional Partner visa. This visa remains in effect until a decision is reached on your permanent visa application, typically around 2 years following your initial application submission. If you consistently fulfill all the necessary legal requirements, you will ultimately be granted the permanent subclass 100 Partner visa, usually after you arrive in Australia.

Engaging the services of a reputable visa consultant can substantially streamline and simplify your visa application process. This not only reduces the time and effort required but also minimizes the likelihood of errors or missed opportunities, significantly enhancing your prospects of a successful visa outcome.

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