Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Sacramento

Medical malpractice cases are common across the United States, and the victims of medical negligence deserve adequate compensation for their suffering. With the help of a medical malpractice attorney Sacramento, California residents can hold negligent doctors accountable for their mistakes and hold them accountable for their actions. While medical malpractice cases occur all across the country, Sacramento County has been the center of attention after several high-profile victims. Here’s how to hire the best medical malpractice attorney Sacramento, CA has to offer.

UC Davis misdiagnosed a 14-year-old girl after failing to conduct her MRI properly

A 14-year-old girl woke up with severe back pain and numbness in her legs. She was rushed to the UC Davis Medical Center. Her doctors ordered an MRI but missed a tumor in the girl’s spine. Five years later, the tumor grew so large it paralyzed her. UC Davis Radiology Department was found to be at fault for the misdiagnosis. The 14-year-old girl was kept in the hospital for a week before she could walk again.

The UC Davis Children’s Hospital is now the only pediatric hospital in Northern California to receive the Beacon Award for Excellence for outstanding patient care. Heidi Carson was airlifted to the hospital after a severe car accident in October. UC Davis doctors noticed that her heart had enlarged and was pressing on her windpipe. A UC Davis electrical and computer engineering professor is working on a transabdominal fetal pulse oximeter to detect fetal hypoxia, which is a condition in which a fetus is deprived of oxygen during pregnancy.

Evers Law Group

With nearly three decades of combined litigation experience, the medical malpractice attorneys of the Evers Law Group have a wealth of knowledge and insight. They pride themselves on providing creative legal solutions and identifying the full range of litigation options available to their clients. Their pragmatic legal advice and results-oriented approach have earned them a reputation as a firm that gets results. The attorneys at Evers Law Group provide aggressive and efficient representation for their clients.

Geoffrey O. Evers, the founder of the firm, has spent nearly 30 years practicing law in California. He began his legal career at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office before moving to Sacramento in 1990. Geoffrey has helped clients obtain millions of dollars in compensation by successfully litigating medical malpractice cases. A third-generation member of the firm’s legal team has a background in business and finance. He has extensive experience in employment law defense and complex business litigation.

Cutter Law P.C.

Sacramento personal injury attorneys at Cutter Law P.C. have 130 years of combined legal experience. They have helped injured clients recover more than $100 million in compensation. Cutter attorneys handle cases involving truck accidents, auto, and car accidents, medical malpractice, and other claims. Their legal professionals are dedicated to getting the best possible results for their clients. Read more about Cutter Law P.C.’s experience and results. Here’s what to expect when you work with them.

Sacramento personal injury and civil rights firm Cutter Law, P.C. has been helping clients for more than 130 years. Their lawyers have successfully recovered more than $100 million for clients in California and other states. They represent victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, as well as medical malpractice. They also handle claims relating to employment laws and wage and hour laws. No matter what type of injury or case you have, you can be confident that Cutter Law will get the results you deserve.

Eric Ratinoff Law Corp.

The personal injury attorneys at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. are dedicated to helping accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve. With over 25 years of experience and a track record of obtaining maximum financial compensation for their clients, the firm’s attention and expertise can help you pursue the best case possible. To learn more about this firm, contact them at (916) 675-8386 or visit their website for more information.

Moseley Cary Collins

If you need a Sacramento medical malpractice attorney, Moseley Cary Collins can help. They represent people who have suffered catastrophic injuries in auto accidents and medical malpractice claims. Moseley has been practicing law for over 40 years and has experience handling medical malpractice cases as well as personal injury cases. He previously worked as a volunteer attorney in the District Attorney’s Office and Public Defender’s Office.

The attorneys at Moseley Cary Collins have extensive experience in personal injury and accident law. They have handled cases throughout California, including San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Its mission is to help seriously injured people get the compensation they deserve for the suffering they’ve endured. Their Sacramento medical malpractice attorneys do not charge for initial consultations, and their legal advice is free. This means that you can rest assured that you will be able to receive the best possible legal representation for your medical malpractice case.

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