PHH Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit

Phh Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit – How to Fight Back Against Phasing Out Truthful Loan Deals

If you are a homeowner in the USA, you need to take the advice of your financial expert if you want to join the Phh Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit. The mortgage crisis is one of the biggest problems the USA is facing at the moment. Millions of homeowners have been affected by the mortgage crisis and many of them are unable to pay their mortgages even after losing their jobs.

PHH Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit

The mortgage class action lawsuit was developed by the Federal Housing Administration under the National Affordable Housing Act. The FHA is a government agency which guarantees home loans to low and moderate-income families. You must understand that your mortgage is a loan granted by a mortgage company. If mortgage companies have ripped you off, then you can take up the mortgage class action lawsuit. This can be a difficult process and you should take advice from your attorney who will guide you through the process.

If you join the mortgage class action lawsuit then you will be able to save thousands of dollars.

Your legal representative will represent you in court and ask for compensation from the mortgage lenders. The court process will not only enable you to get compensation for your pain and suffering but also allow you to make the mortgage lenders accountable for their actions. It is advisable that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney will know all the tricks to use during the lawsuits.

A Phh Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit is similar to any other case filed in the court.

The difference between the mortgage class action lawsuit and any other case is that the class action lawsuit is taken up by an individual rather than by a company or organization. You must provide details in your complaint about the mispayment of your mortgage. If you do not provide details then your complaint will be rejected and you will not be entitled to join the mortgage class action lawsuit.

If you are a victim of mispayment of your home loan, you can go for the class action lawsuit.

Once you join the class action you can seek financial compensation from the lender. In order to find out whether you fit the requirements of the mortgage class action lawsuit, you must contact an experienced attorney who can help you understand the eligibility criteria. If you are fit for the class action lawsuit then you can seek monetary compensation against the misinformed and predatory mortgage lenders. The misinformed lenders will have to face the court, whereas the predatory lenders will have to face the court of law.

It is important to join the mortgage class action lawsuit as soon as possible because the earlier you join it; the more money you will be eligible to receive. Even if you do not qualify for monetary compensation, the class action lawsuit will allow you to learn about the different processes used by the lenders and will also enable you to understand what laws are applicable in your state. This knowledge will help you learn how to fight your case and how to obtain the maximum compensation for your suffering.

The class action lawsuit is the best way to bring awareness to the predatory lending practices prevalent in the mortgage industry.

Many people end up with deep credit card debts after taking up mortgages. In the US the predatory lending practices are also evident through the high rate of foreclosure as well as the excessive use of non-recourse loans and subprime mortgage products.

The best way to fight back against predatory lending is to take up the mortgage class action lawsuit. There are many attorneys who will help you file the lawsuit on your behalf. You can hire an attorney who is specialized in this field or you can opt for a general one who will work on a contingency basis. Whatever you choose, you will have to pay a hefty fee for their service but you will benefit greatly when the case is successfully handled. If you are a victim of mortgage mis-selling or any other similar mortgage fraud, you have to seek legal advice soon.

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  1. I have been abused by the Mortgage companies, Saxon, Ogden, PHH it started when I was in a foreclosure, during this proceedings in court the attorney’s representing the Company Ocwen Mortgage Co had not registered the deed in the county states office giving them no right to proceed in court, furthermore, the companies have been charging me a service fee for processing my payments. The Companies has placed insurance without my approval and not putting it on my statements.

    Footnote; the CFPB had a case against Ocwen Co and was giving fines for these activities but the people got nothing and I send them to prove that these violations happen to me but no response the Gov’t they claim they represented the people but I never got a response from them and I send them certified return receipts and no answer from the gov’t.

  2. I was sold or given to phh mortgage by ocwen a couple years back without knowledge or being told until we were established in phh company. I have been cheated by ocean and phh. Please help us!

  3. I have a friend with an IQ around 85 and she doesn’t even know she had a predatory loan through Wells Fargo Bank. Wells proceeded to give her a new 40 year loan on 70% of the mgt at 5% fixed and then at the end of the 40 years ???? I don’t know if Wells is going to finance the $75 K at ?? int rate, if the 5% is currently being calculated in and just not required to pay it of what?

    She has no knowledge of Predatory loans until I found about this Friday night. She gave me permission to talk about this to attorneys and try to get into a class action situation. I am getting a monthly statement from her by snail mail probably wed the 30th. Can you help her?

    Her info Arlene Griffith. Boulder Creek, CA, Santa Cruz Co this is a condo. She really can’t talk intelligently about this on the phone and can’t text or email about it. I may need to get a power of attorney from her to work on this further. I can do this.

  4. Am in Bankruptcy but they are not letting me do modifications, I have one more payment. so they are trying to say my payment is going to be 1200. 00. a month.

    I would like to file against them. because they are doing adding fees, taking Escrow, making sure no mortgage company will take us.

    We built our home and love it. my In-laws are on across the street, next door. we love our home. but these people are not right to help us the fees from when we filed chapter 13 in 2007, is added to the fees.

    we have been in chapter 13 for 22 years. off and on. lost of job, they didn’t even help. I have medical conditions, just got a disability on 12/21. these people called us and I explained I was out because of my help. No one here will look at this, WE had the attorney for this area and he assured us he would sue them. called back and said we were late, he could not help us. got our hopes and We Want, need help. somebody should be able to help.

  5. I need help, PHH Mortgage did a loan mod for me and the home was and still is titled to the Veterans Administration. It has been for 13 years after I went into Chapter 13 Bk; and I paid 100 per cent of my bankruptcy and the whole thing is a mess. The ironic part is neither the V,A. or PHH Mortgage are willing to assist in reversing this mess. Can anyone tell me how a mortgage company perform a loan modification when I live in a title holding state? My home is in need of repairs and I am not able to get financing because of the title issue. Should I win a lottery and pay the loan off, I still wouldn’t own my home.

  6. I believe I have been cheated bad by Ocwen and PHH Mortgage they have been charging me 7.50 a month to pay over the phone for years I have been paying it. Also my statement says Deffered Balance 14,500.00 have no idea what this is need help there is deffinantly breach of contract.

  7. I had my bankruptcy discharged so I can get caught up on my Mort. First PHH told me one amt and It was paid. Then they lied and said that the amount that was given to get my account active was not correct twice after the first time. After paying the 3 different amounts I was told my acct is now current. 4 months later they decide to add a F/C atty fee and $7.50 fee which should not have been on my acct. I told them prior to that I was making my payment and those f/c fees should have been included in the 3 different payments that I made. The servicer is the worst. I need to file a lawsuit now.

  8. I have been trying to pay my mortgage since February 2022. Each time I try I am always a
    little short and they wont take what I have. I got a 2nd job and worked to get the money to
    get caught up. When I did it was just in foreclosure. I asked for a reinstatement they said
    they would send it in 3 to 5 days. I didn’t get anything. I had to call several times and
    basically beg for them to email it to me. I got it and it said I needed to pay 7694.00 I talked
    to my account rep and told her that I had the money and it was in 2 different accounts. She
    said that was fine to send 2 payments as long as both of them got there by the date. I sent
    one for $2000 and one for $5700.00 $2000 was Money gram which was one of the options
    and the other a wire transfer directly from my bank. They returned the 2K so I called they
    said to send it again and it would be fine. I did that and they returned it again. I called on
    Tues 5/24 and was told they would send the 5700 back immediately and for me to send the
    whole amount. Which I would do except it is Friday and Monday is a holiday. They have
    promised me on 3 occasions that someone would call me back and nobody has. Its always
    24 hours for a call back. I don’t have 24 hours now. I just talked to someone and they have
    not even returned the 5700 yet however expect me to pay it by 5/31. They are now charging
    me a 525.00 attorney fee and that is not right. I had the money to them when they wanted it.

  9. PHH has engaged in a practice of withholding payoff information and using foreclosure sale date manipulation to create impossible windows to utilize the payoff information. They then reschedule a sale date that is impossibly short so they can further increase the fees and costs by thousands more dollars. They refuse to provide prompt communications to escrow or title to expedite a timely payoff and they deliberately wait to provide information until it is to late in the day to actually send a wire that will match the amount requested. They do all this while funds are sitting in escrow and we (the sellers, the escrow professionals, the title company professionals and the real estate agents) are all begging for the payoff information so we can close and allow the buyers to move into the home they have purchased. They claim to be a collection company and they say right up front that they will use everything you say to collect a debt. This is a lie. They use everything you say to stall, delay, stonewall, and derail all attempts to settle the debt. They have cost us thousands of dollars beyond what was owed and they still haven’t provided a receipt of funds even though money was wired on Tuesday and again on Wed. I don’t think this is a random experience. I work with several mortgage companies and always a few calls gets the payoff information but with PHH fifty calls and emails from myself and several professionals isn’t adequate. I would appreciate an investigation into this corrupt practice. I can provide email threads from myself, from CV escrow, and from OC Title. Additionally, I will be glad to make a statement and provide phone records as well. The team involved in this close has over a hundred years combined experience and we all think this has been the most outrageous and corrupt lender experience we have ever encountered.

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