Quest Bar Nutrition Facts Lawsuit

There are many law firms, as well as individuals and attorneys who are working on preparing their lawsuits on Quest bar nutrition facts lawsuit. These claims include claims for compensation for patients who have suffered chronic health problems, caused by the defendants’ negligence in terms of providing proper nutrition information. In other words, these lawyers believe that the manufacturers of the bar noodles have failed to provide adequate nutrition information for the consumers. The claim also says that they failed to warn the customers about the possible hazards associated with their products.

Quest Bar Nutrition Facts  Lawsuit

Quest bar nutrition facts lawsuit is part of a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the bars. In this instance, there are already three such suits that were filed. The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for the various health problems suffered by them, such as anemia, allergies, asthma, and other diseases caused by consuming these protein bars. Note: All images from this article are copyrighted by the author.

It is a fact that the manufacturers had taken steps to improve the quality of the fiber content of their protein bars.

However, there is no proof that the improved fiber content of the bar has been able to prevent or lessen the numerous health problems experienced by the patients. This is one of the reasons why the plaintiffs filing the class action lawsuit filed by the plaintiff’s lawyers, claim that the manufacturers had failed to warn the users of the possible risks involved in consuming their bars. The claims also say that the manufacturers failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their claims regarding the benefits of the bars to one’s health. They further claim that since the ingredients of the protein bars are naturally occurring, there is a big possibility that their clients may develop allergic reactions to them.

Quest Bar Nutrition Facts Class Action Lawsuit further claims that the bars are defective because they contain the Mycelex family of herbs that is known to have harmful side effects.

This is the reason why the FDA did not approve any of the bars as a healthy dietary supplement. The plaintiffs further claim that their symptoms such as stomach pains, bloating, diarrhea, and loss of appetite were associated with taking high doses of the bar’s ingredients. The class action lawsuit also says that the bars contain too much filler. This is the reason why the nutritional value of the bars is less than the manufacturers claimed it to be. And the worst part is, the company is still on trial.

Quest Bar Nutrition Facts Class Action Lawsuit further says that the problem of the company’s products lies with their advertising strategy.

The company had chosen to target obese people instead of the healthy people who will benefit most from the bars. Even if their products are sold at cheaper prices, the millions spent in advertisements are just wasted money. But the company is still free to market their products as they want because the Class Action Lawsuit has already barred the bars from selling their bars under the claim of falsely promoting their products. This means that those millions spent on the lawsuit are just useless.

Another claim of the lawsuit is that the bars have less nutritional value than the manufacturers claim.

The claim includes information about the bars’ caloric content. Although the caloric content is shown, it is hard to say how much of it is enough to give a person the needed calories to have a normal body. If the claims of the nutritional value are true, there should be no problem with low calorie diet products. But this is just one of the many issues regarding the My Pillow Energy Bar. If you want more, you can visit their official website for more nutrition and weight loss tips.

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  1. I need to know how I can join a class acting suit against Quest. They wrecked my Keto diet sure to their false advertising regarding Net Carbs. Please help.

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