How to Apply For the UK Tier 2 Visa Sponsor Licence

If you want to hire somebody from another country to work in the UK, the best way to bring them to the country is on the UK tier 2 visa. This article will show you how you can apply for a sponsor licence to bring a candidate to the UK.

What is the tier 2 visa?

The UK tier 2 visa, otherwise known as the Skilled Worker visa, is suitable for people of any nationality who have a particular skill and have already secured employment with this skill. It is a temporary visa that gives holders the opportunity to extend and apply for permanent residency and citizenship.

It is without a doubt the best way to bring somebody who has the relevant skills to the UK, and can help them build a new life in the country.

What are the requirements for a tier 2 visa?

The requirements for a tier 2 visa are as follows:

• Be skilled in a particular career.

• Have secured a job with a UK employer (this must be approved by the Home Office and the applicant must have a certificate of sponsorship).

• Earn a minimum amount of money – the amount varies depending on the career but is at least £25,600.

• Be able to speak English with a degree of fluency.

How do I hire someone using this visa?

If you want to hire somebody using this visa, you will need to apply for a sponsor licence. These are currently available from the Home Office. It’s essential to make sure that your sponsor licence is applied for properly, as countless numbers are rejected every year due to errors, and after a rejection, the same company cannot apply for a sponsor licence for another six months.

Skilled worker vs. Intra company transfer

You can have two types of sponsor licence.

• The Tier 2 Skilled worker sponsor licence is for people who have not worked for the company before.

• The Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer sponsor licence is for those who are already working for the company in another country, and just want to relocate to the UK.

The Tier 2 Skilled Worker sponsor licence, and the visa, generally take longer to apply for than the Intra-Company sponsor licence. However, the Tier 2 Skilled Worker visa is a better path to permanent residency in the UK. Companies who are helping their employees move permanently to the UK may want to apply for a tier 2 skilled worker sponsor licence initially.

You can apply for both sponsor licences at the same time, or one after another.

What are the requirements for a tier 2 sponsor licence?

The business does not need to be a particular size, but applications will generally be looked on more favourably if there are already more than 2 people in it. There should be somebody based in the UK, and the business should be able to show a need for the particular skills that the visa candidate is offering.

How to apply for a tier 2 sponsor licence

Applying for a tier 2 sponsor licence is a little complicated, and it’s important to triple check everything to ensure that no mistakes are made. Businesses should fill out an application form and include documentation such as:

• Business bank statements.

• Proof of the office premises, including details of its lease.

• Accounts for the company.

• Insurance details.

• VAT, NI, and PAYE documents.

Once the business has its certificate of sponsorship, the candidate can apply for their visa. They will normally get a decision of their visa between 3-8 weeks, depending on whether they are inside or outside the UK. Partners and children can also apply as dependents.

Duties of the business

After the visa is approved, the business still has a few responsibilities. They should keep a copy of their employee’s passport and visa, their contact details, residence card and National Insurance number.

The business should also report to UK visas and immigration if their employee doesn’t turn up to work on the first day, has a long period of absence, is dismissed, or if the migrant is going against the terms of their visa in any way.

The UK tier 2 visa is a great way for people to get entry to the country, and possibly settle down permanently here. Businesses do need to go through a bit of a procedure to be able to sponsor the employee and must be aware of their duties, but it’s a valuable way to have another expert in your company!

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