Delta Air Lines Lawsuits

Delta Air Lines Attorneys – Lawsuits and Employee Conduct Problems at Delta Airlines

Recently, Delta Airlines has been sued by its passengers. This is not the first time that this airline has been sued however it is perhaps the largest to date. Over the past few years Delta Air Lines has settled with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration over the deaths of numerous passengers. The safety record of Delta Airlines is definitely not as good as the other carriers. This is the reason that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration fined Delta Air Lines $100 million dollars.

Most people do not really know how many passengers died on Delta Air Lines since there have been too many lawsuits against the airline.

It was only in the past year that news reports reported that over two hundred people died on Delta Airlines. Although the number of fatalities is very alarming, the airline has only been cited for negligence in the past. This is one of the reasons why the number of lawsuits against the company is so high.

Many of the passengers that died on Delta Air Lines were not wearing seat belts.

Many people who did not have seat belts lost their lives because they could not buckle up. This is something that Delta Air Lines cannot point fingers at. They did have an employee training program that required all of their employees to wear seat belts. Unfortunately many of these same employees that were involved in these trainings were not carrying out their duties and causing the passengers to be in danger.

Some passengers found themselves having to fight for their lives after being tossed around inside the plane.

There were many stories of passengers jumping into the aisle of the plane to try to grab a free meal or oxygen before being tossed about. The passengers in this situation became violent and started throwing things off of the airplane. As a result of these lawsuits Delta Air Lines had to pay a large sum of money to settle the claims of the passengers that suffered injuries.

Other passengers claim that Delta Air Lines should have been more careful while serving meals and serving drinks.

Employees are usually only allowed to drink alcohol and food on board but some claim that this was not a policy that they agreed to when working for Delta Airlines. An accident that took place on a Delta flight in Alaska last year involved four cruise ship passengers that suffered injuries. All of the passengers who were injured had to pay their own medical bills as a result of the negligence of Delta Airlines and their employees.

Delta Air Lines and their insurance company paid out a large sum of money to the victims of the accident.

In addition to this the insurance company also paid out because they had to pay the cost of all of the passengers who were injured during the flight. The large sum of money that was paid out from the Delta Airlines lawsuits were a large hit to Delta Airlines as they are suffering a great loss of revenue due to the passengers being injured. There are many more lawsuits that have been filed against Delta Airlines and their employees.

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