The Importance of a Gun Crime Lawyer in Criminal Defense

Gun Crime Lawyer

Say you’re at a firing range. Your target practice goes awry, causing you to fire your loaded gun at someone accidentally. It’s considered accidental discharge since you didn’t mean to hurt anyone. But even so, the victim could charge you for the injury you’ve caused. That’s where a gun crime lawyer can come in handy.

Gun charges aren’t to be taken lightly. Your life can change forever when you have one, even if you’re truly innocent. Thus, a gun crime attorney is your important ally in such a situation.

The Stakes: Why Gun Charges Are Different

Due to the nature of firearms, gun crime laws and charges can be quite complex. Even an accidental graze of a fired bullet could land you a charge. If found guilty, you may face a minimum of 10 years imprisonment. (1)

You may be luckier if your accidental firearm discharge resulted in no deaths or non-fatal injuries. In 2021, 549 Americans died of unintentional gun injuries. Penalties for such might include a lengthier prison sentence, high fines, and potential loss of your gun handling rights. Gun crime charges can also carry additional consequences, like losing your job or housing. (2)

That’s why you need legal assistance. Consider looking for a skilled gun crime lawyer in Los Angeles or the state where the accident happened. Laws vary by location, and a local gun crime attorney can help you defend yourself. They’ll explain gun charges and conduct in-depth investigations to prove your innocence.

Why You Need a Gun Crime Lawyer

There are various reasons why you specifically need a gun crime defense lawyer.

Expertise in Gun Laws

Unlike other general criminal defense lawyers, a gun crime lawyer has specialized knowledge of laws surrounding firearms crimes. They know what to do no matter the gun charge, whether it’s one of the following:

  • Possession of a loaded gun
  • Possession of a concealed deadly weapon
  • Possession without a permit
  • Brandishing a firearm
  • Assault with a firearm

Their focus on this branch of the law ensures their guidance is relevant to your situation. Gun crime lawyers are also knowledgeable on permits to carry firearms and which states require them or not. As of 2023, eight states need licenses for both open and concealed carry. (3)

Experience in Building a Strong Defense

Gun crime lawyers go beyond basic defense. They investigate, challenge evidence, and identify unique defenses while referring to self-defense laws or accidental firearm discharge laws. They’ll also walk you through the steps in a criminal case to make the experience less stressful on your part.

Trial Experience

An experienced criminal defense lawyer focusing on gun laws will be indispensable in court. Their courtroom skills and experience in presenting compelling defenses, cross-examining witnesses, and handling evidence will become critical assets for your case.

So, if you receive a gun crime charge, don’t hesitate to look for a credible gun crime defense lawyer as soon as possible. The faster you act, the fresher the evidence your attorney can gather to build your case.

Criminal Defense

What a Gun Crime Lawyer Can Do for You

A gun crime lawyer does more than represent you in a criminal case. Here are the specifics of their role:

Investigate the Case

Your attorney will thoroughly investigate your case, gather evidence through witness interviews or camera footage, and identify potential defenses specific to your gun charge. They’ll also analyze the prosecution’s case to build a strong defense for you.

Protect Your Rights

Your gun crime attorney understands concealed carry laws and your Second Amendment Rights, which can help your defense case. They’re also there to protect your other rights during questioning and arrest.

Develop a Defense Strategy

Depending on the specifics of your charge, your lawyer will employ various strategies to defend you. The approach could involve proving self-defense, demonstrating an accidental discharge, challenging how evidence was obtained, or arguing against the specific intent required for the charge.

They could even help you if the crime committed didn’t involve you but your legally purchased firearm, stolen from you and used maliciously without your permission or knowledge. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, 54% of traced crime guns were originally owned by law-abiding citizens. (4)

Negotiate with the Prosecutor

With their knowledge and evidence backing up your case, gun crime attorneys can negotiate with prosecutors to reduce your charges or obtain a more favorable outcome. Fair negotiations could prevent your case from heading to trial.

Hence, it pays to find an accomplished gun crime attorney. The more experience they have on their belt, the better your chances of winning a case.

Finding the Right Gun Crime Lawyer

As previously mentioned, experience is one of the most important factors to look for in a gun crime lawyer. One with a proven track record of handling gun crime cases can help you get the best result.

Communication skills are another non-negotiable. Find a lawyer with whom you can comfortably communicate and who explains legal processes and jargon clearly and understandably.

Legal representation may be costly, so it’s a must to discuss fees upfront and explore payment options with your lawyer. Don’t let financial worries stop you from receiving the legal help you deserve.

Don’t Face This Alone: Get Help Today

A gun charge and its potential penalties are nothing you should ignore, especially if the injury was caused by an accident. If you end up with a charge against you, seek legal representation from a gun crime lawyer immediately.

You can find credible attorneys in your local area, bar associations, legal aid organizations, and even online. Make sure you research potential lawyers thoroughly and schedule a consultation promptly for your own protection.


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