Four Reasons You’d Want To Live in Italy

If you are of Italian heritage you may qualify for more benefits than you realize. The government of Italy recognizes a concept called Jure sanguinis which means people of Italian descent can qualify for citizenship. Italian citizenship by descent opens up many unique opportunities for travel and your life as a whole. If you’ve ever wanted to see the world or travel to Europe being able to live in Italy long term is quite useful. But you may be thinking what makes Italy a place you’d want to live?

Reasons To Live In Italy 

  1. History and Culture: Italy is known worldwide for its culture and long history. As the home of the legendary Roman Empire Italy has contributed to world history for centuries. No matter if it’s the ruins of the coliseum, Vatican City, the gondolas of Venice, or the Palazzo Conte Federico in Palermo Italy is home to many wonders.
  2. Good Food and Drink: if you’re someone who enjoys excellent food and wine Italy will not disappoint you. Italian food is one of the most popular types of food in the world and accomplished Italian chefs are international celebrities. Italy is also home to many vineyards and wine production is not just an important industry but also a part of the culture.
  3. Diverse Outdoor Locations: when people think of Italy thoughts of warm beaches, comfortable weather, and the Mediterranean Sea come to mind. However, Italy is diverse in terms of weather systems and terrain and if you like hiking and skiing the Alps in northwest Italy offers winter sports and outdoor activities.
  4. The People and a Connection With Your Heritage: as a person of Italian heritage, you’re likely familiar with the reputation Italians have as friendly and welcoming people. There is also the aspect of connecting more with your heritage. It’s one thing to hear about the ‘old country’ from a grandparent or relative it’s another thing to experience yourself first hand. Living in Italy can allow you to know yourself, your heritage, and your family history in more detail and feel a greater connection with all of them.

Final Thoughts

A notable amount of Americans never travel beyond the borders of their home state. The world has much to offer, and you may just want to see more of it. By having Italian citizenship you gain not just the ability to travel but the ability to live in another part of the world and enjoy a different way of life. This offers you a chance for life experiences that many people dream about.

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