Personal injury claims resulting from traffic accidents

Traffic accidents are the main reason for personal injury claims. If we have suffered a traffic accident we must follow the following process to be able to request compensation.

1. Hire a specialized lawyer.

Internet is full of law firms with expertise in personal injury claims. It is important that at the time of making the search of the same we refine as much as possible in the characteristics of our case, so we will look for, Major Transportation Accidents Lawyers Philadelphia PA if this is the type of accident that has happened to us and if this is the place in which we need the services of the lawyer. Although a priori it may seem a trivial matter, this will allow the recommendations that the search engine suggests us to be really relevant and allow us to contact lawyers who have already dealt with cases with similar characteristics. As we were saying, within this field there is a high level of professionalism in each of the different cases.

2. Save all documents generated from the accident.

Any data may be essential in refining the terms of the claim. Among the most important documents and those that interfere the most in increasing the amount of compensation are.

  1. Medical and pharmaceutical bills. This category includes all documents that can serve as proof of the expenses incurred by the affected person for medical care and treatment. The compensation will cover these expenses.
  2. Medical report of injuries. In which the severity of the injuries and whether or not the victim may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering can be observed. In case we want to make the claim quickly after suffering the accident, it is important that the medical report includes the days foreseen for the duration of the sick leave, since this can increase the amount of the compensation.
  3. Insurance papers. The contract with our insurance company will be essential for our lawyer to be able to extract the terms that will benefit us when making the claim. Likewise, if another person has been involved in the accident, it is essential that our lawyer can also have access to the insurance papers of this person or, at least, direct communication with the insurance company of the person involved. In this way, it is possible for both parties to reach an agreement and avoid having to go to trial.

3. Make the claim within the established time limit.

You should know that the maximum period for making a personal injury claim after a car accident is three years from the time of the accident. Since such a long period of time is available, it is advisable to allow some time to pass since the accident occurred, as this allows you to include the complete bills for medical treatment in case that these are prolonged over time.

If we decide to wait a little when making the claim, we should not worry, because the estimated time to receive the compensation is within two months, so it will take no long to cover the expenses.

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  1. Determinar al responsable de un accidente automovilístico es, casi siempre, una labor titánica, un pleito legal y una labor que requiere mucho trabajo e investigación. Pero ¿por qué tiene que ser así

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